Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lena Loves Summers

Lena was rescued from a pound in Redding by Bones Dog Rescue. When I adopted Lena about 5 years ago I was told she had been "picked up" while running on the streets of Redding. What I was not told is that Lena LOVES to run away. She is very, very adept at the art of escape. Here is what is takes to make Lena a happy dog - action. She thrives around horses, on the trail, and herding me through life. If I leave her at home for a couple of days she finds a new escape route out of my back yard and trots along her happy way, probably looking for a bit of attention and excitement.

Deceptive in her cuteness, Lena is a hard-core alpha girlie whose middle name is determined. As a rescue dog, her breeding is uncertain. I'd lay my money down on a kelpie and aussie heritage. Stella, who is a pit bull mix, puts up with a lot from Lena who has never learned to play, share, or give an inch. Stella regularly comes to me to referee . . . "Mom, Lena stole my bone again and won't give it back."

During summers, Lena gets all the excitement and action she craves. It is during the school year that she pouts about, begging me for adventure and any kind of break in what I admit is a bit of a boring routine for dogs. I get up, go to work, come home, change, go to the stable . . . I LOVE this routine, Lena likes the "go to the stable" part.

Today we have a busy day - I have to White Lightning Levi's feet. Levi is a badly foundered, lovely 10 year old quarter horse Heart of the Redwoods Rescue took in on Tuesday. We need to help set up a new pasture, and finally catch that stinker Autumn who has been determined to avoid me when I walk through the general pasture.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone, Lena will be enjoying hers here in Humboldt County where our heat wave of 70 degrees is continuing.
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Once Upon an Equine said...

What a cute doggie nose! And an adorable face. I can see the intensity in her eyes. That is so nice that Lena can go to the stable with you and that she enjoys being around horses. Happy summer to Lena.