Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dear President Obama, HOW COULD YOU? This was NOT the "Change" I Voted For!

I used to call my grandfather "worry wart". The older I get, the more I seem to share the worry gene with my beloved "Bop".  Last week,  barely mentioned by the media, Obama signed the Omnibus Bill that included the restoration of funding for USDA inspectors to work in equine slaughter houses.  This means that once again slaughter houses can open up for business with us tax payers footing the bill for the mandatory USDA inspectors that make it all possible.  Dear President Obama, HOW COULD YOU unleash such misery?

When I heard this heart breaking, deeply discouraging news, my inner worry meter cranked up a bazillion decibels.  I have three horses, all of them seniors.  What if something happens to me?  What will happen to my horses.

I was actually considering rehoming Autumn who is thriving at 24 years old.  Any thought of finding my sweet mare a great home came to a skidding halt last week.  I fear that soon there will be a slaughter house operating just over the Oregon/California border.  If I rehome Autumn I will lose the ability to control the end game when she is no longer able to jam down trails and her quality of life becomes diminished.  There is NO WAY I will gamble that my sweet, sweet, easily worried, tries so hard to please, needs tons of reassurance, once starved-almost-died beautiful girl will ever face this HELL .  .  .

Or my grannie mare, Lyra who is somewhere way, way over the far side of 25.  Winters have become difficult, even in the midst of summer she maintains a ghost of gauntness in her profile.  Yet she looks for me in the general pasture, continues to trade kisses for carrots, and enjoys every moment of her life.  What would be her fate if I wasn't around?  A kind, respectful euthananization that maintains her dignity and minimizes her fear?  Inclusion in a sancturary for senior horses?  Or the terror of a hot, over-crowded trailer to a feed lot where she can hear and smell death while she waits her turn in line?

 There is still pending legislation!  Now, more than ever, it is crucial that Congress pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (H.R. 2966) to permanently prohibit the slaughter of American horses.


Grey Horse Matters said...
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Cheryl Ann said...

I hear you 100%. If something happens to me, my family does NOT want my horses. I have given them written directions that the horses are to remain in the care of the wonderful gal who boards them for the rest of their natural lives. PERIOD. Or, I will come back and haunt them! They KNOW how anti-slaughter I am!!!! They better listen!!!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

This makes me so sick...

equestrian clothing said...

It makes me sad to think of my horses being treated that way, I can't imagine any decent owners deciding oh that's enough. I think it is different if the animal is ill, terminally and in pain, you would puut down a dog on a Vet's recommendation after all.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Thanks for the link. I voted and hope more people do too.

It's scary because I feel that no one in the white house or congress has any clue what is happening with the horses in this country. Not only the slaughterhouses but the BLM travesties too.

p.s. I deleted my other comment because I worded it wrong, sometimes my brain doesn't kick in until later on and then I have to correct myself.