Saturday, November 26, 2011

Meanwhile, Back in the General Pasture . . .

After spending some quality time with Red Horse on Thanksgiving I turned 
him back into the general pasture and headed out to find Lyra and Autumn.

A week of rain had transformed the fields into the sea of mud that will be with us until spring.

Red had to check out the "stud piles" and . . . 

. . . find the perfect place to roll.

As Red headed for the south side of the pasture, who should appear but my grannie  
horse Lyra, who decided she wanted some Thanksgiving attention and good things to eat.

On the way, I said hello to some of my horse friends. Cayenne.



And Steamer.

Good thing horses don't care about fancy hair junk.  
Clothes pins make perfectly fine hair clips in a pinch.

Red settled in under a favorite tree, getting nice and comfy.  
THEN he noticed I was leaving the pasture with the two mares.

There was NO WAY he was going to stand for them getting special treatment
that did not include MORE good things for Red Horse!

Other horses decided to see if they might be included.  Mytar came running.

Followed by this lovely new mare.  I haven't learned her name.

Red led the way, walking next to Lyra.

Once in the Redwood Barn, he made sure that he got some of whatever I served the mares.

My "kitchen" was open . . . alfalfa, soaked beet pulp, Nutrena Safe Choice, Remission, 
poly copper and zinc, and a pinch of kelp were featured on the menu.

I love every second I spend in this place!

At the end of the day, I ran out of goodies. 
 Red Horse was SHOCKED, no goodnight treats.

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Lori Skoog said...

So good to read about you and your horses. I feed Safe Choice and soaked beet pulp too. Along with Vit. E Sel and mag.

It is pretty obvious that you are one happy woman when you are with your pals.