Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Goodbye My Watch-over-me Dog, Goodbye My Sweet Lena

On September 18th, shortly after 6:00 in the evening, 
Dr. Erzsi Willoughby came to our house and euthanized Lena. 

 Dr. Willoughby, deeply intuitive and compassionate, helped Lena to gently slip the leash that bound her to this earth and enter the world of pure spirit.  I miss my constant companion intensely. 

Lena's number one job was to watch over me.  She was committed to this job
and was happiest when she was "going along" with me, wherever our trail might lead.

A likely aussie-kelpie mix, Lena cast a field of friendly cuteness that won 
her many friends.  She thrived around people, lived for the sound of jangling car keys,
and was completely committed to her number one charge - me. 

While cute, Lena packed a ton of fierce determination that she tried to express through
alpha dog moves on Stella, my pitt/shepherd girl, and other dog friends.

Through all the rough and tumble doggie games, she more than held her own.

Lena's expressive face would shine with canine joy
 as she waited for the magic words, "Lets GO" 

that would send her sprinting across the road into one of her favorite
 places  -  the 90 acres where my horses live.

Over the years she joyously leaped and dashed along
 miles and miles of trails that led through the general pasture.

There she could regularly find the nastiest piles . . . 

. . . that would send her into fits of pure ecstasy.

Our shared trail was full of opportunities for exploration, exploration, and partnership..

She was amazing around the horses.


And was always there, always listening, watching my every move.

We would play zoomies . . . 

. . . she loved racing away from me, then turn and speed back to my side.

Wait for me my good dog, I'll catch up with you on the trail home.